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SriLankan Catering Limited is the sole airline caterer in Sri Lanka. Its hub is at Bandaranaike International Airport where it provides services for many of the world's finest airlines.

Winner of many awards in the global flight catering industry, SriLankan Catering's main line of business is in-flight catering to airlines that operate to Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA).

It was recently awarded the franchise through the year 2022 to be the exclusive provider of in-flight catering for airlines at BIA and also for food and beverage products at all of BIA's restaurants and lounges.

Its state-of-the-art flight kitchen at BIA has a capacity of 25,000 meals per day and it is one of the few airline caterers in the world to hold four global certifications.

The Company is currently diversifying its business operations into hospitality related fields.

  • Management of Serenediva Transit Hotel
  • Management of Semondu Restaurant
  • Operation of Aero Clean industrial laundry
  • Operation of Vanilla Pod boulangerie & patisserie
  • Outdoor Catering operations (to be launched shortly)

Launched in 1979, SriLankan Catering is a subsidiary of SriLankan Airlines.

Asia is home to almost all of the world's finest airlines, which have been winning awards for customer service and in-flight products for decades. We at SriLankan Catering are proud to say that we serve the very best airlines in the world; airlines that won't accept anything less than the finest when it comes to in-flight cuisine. Award-winning airlines in Asia? Take a look at our customers. We serve almost all of them.

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Sri Lanka is famed for its smiling, friendly people. We've added our high level of professionalism to this. Plus we've got one of the most state of the art flight kitchens in this region.

The result is a service that's guaranteed to give our customers the finest experience when working with us.

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SriLankan Catering is one of the few airline caterers in the world to hold four global certifications.

  • ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System
  • ISO 22000:2005 for Food Safety Management Systems
  • HACCP-Codex Alimentarius for Food Safety Assurance
  • ISO 14001:2004 for Best Environmental Practices

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Flagship Outlets


Vanilla Aero Clean Semondu

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SriLankan Catering Limited
Airline Centre
Bandaranaike International Airport
Sri Lanka
Telephone No ‐ 0197334111 (General)
Telephone No ‐ 0197334101 (Direct)
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